River Falls United Methodist Church
Friday, January 18, 2019
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January Prayers

Submitted by Marilyn Naylor
UMH #251

“Go, tell it on the mountain, over the hills and everywhere,

Go, tell it on the mountain, that Jesus Christ is born.”

Shepherds – Back to the Fields

Like the shepherds, we have moved through our ‘to the manger’ experiences, known the unique awe and worship that only Christmas brings. Now we are back in our January worlds. The returning shepherds were outwardly the same persons who had left their flocks, yet we read they were now ‘glorifying and praising God for all they had heard and seen.’ Somehow, they were changed inwardly by that experience. In our post-Christmas world, a world with its full share of challenges, darkness and despair, how may we seek ways to carry forward the light and spirit of Christmas?

Writing in Jan. 2009 Weavings, retired Methodist Bishop Rueben Job provided a clue. He wrote, “Is there a way for us to receive and appropriate the expectancy, light and hope of Christmas that will guide and sustain us every day of our future? The saints who have gone before us discovered how to position their lives so they could survive and thrive even in the midst of seismic economic, climate and cultural changes. The center of this way of living was a life of prayer.” In 2018, may we seek this focus on prayer.

A Prayer for Our Needs

Rev. Ernest T. Campbell


“Out of your infinite love, O God, minister to us in our several needs.

Give us mastery over moodiness and petulance,

The ability to smile even on the worst of days,

The stamina to persevere when the prize eludes our grasp,

The courage to resume life alone when parted from a friend of many years,

The faith to believe that a grand design exists even when we cannot see it,

The grace to acknowledge guilt and the humility to accept forgiveness –

And all to your eternal praise. Through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen”

Joyce Rupp

“God of courage and strength, we are waiting to receive your loving energy in the empty corners of our hearts. It is your power working through us that can do more than we can ever ask or imagine. It is your enlivening breath moving through us that enables us to overcome anxieties, fears, doubts, and misgivings. Thank you for that strength. Amen”

The Future

James Coleman, Paperworks Cards


“Only God knows the future;

God holds it in its hands;

And when our questions find no answers,

God is the One who understands.

God’s presence still goes with us; God’s love is ever near;

The whispered cries within each heart, Our Lord will always hear.

No matter what each day may bring, God’s promises are true;

God will never, ever leave us, and God’s love will see us through.

With thoughts and prayers that God will strengthen you daily,

Reminding you of God’s tender presence and love to see you through.”

Prayer of Confession and Assurance

Bulletin, UMC-RF, 10/20/2002


“God of Compassion,

You love us steadfastly but we have trouble loving in return.

You call us, but we do not hear.

You reveal yourself, but our eyelids are heavy.

You lead us toward our neighbor but we build walls around ourselves.

You hate evil, injustice and alienation, but we get used to it.

So now we pray to you:

Help us to see ourselves both as we are and as we might be.

Draw us by your spirit into your forgiving and transforming grace.

For therein we shall find new life. Amen”

Toward the New Year

Peter Marshall


“May we who are pilgrims, conscious of life’s varying scenes,

Learn by faith, our Father to cling to Thee.

We know that Thou wilt be in the future as Thou hast been in the past.

We know that Thou wilt lead us on through all the tomorrows as all yesterdays.

As we set our faces toward the new year,

We know full well that it will bring many changes.

Time does not stand still, nor the world cease its turning.

Wilt Thou give us the courage and fortitude of mature men and women

That will enable us to stand upon our faith

As the spirit of the living Lord shall give us strength.”

New Year Prayer

Rev. Deborah Kaiser-Cross


“Wherever I am in this new year, O Lord,

Help me to draw strength from prayer

So that I will know the serenity and purpose of a life devoted to You.

Fill me with the light of your Holy Spirit,

That Christ might shine in me always. Amen”



A Blessing of Hope from Our Advent Study Book

Magrey DeVega


“For whatever reason you are in need of hope today,

May God’s richest promises and possibilities come to you

And those you love. Amen”