River Falls United Methodist Church
Sunday, March 24, 2019
Reach out in love... partnering with God to create a compassionate and just world.

Lay Leadership for 2018


Church Council

Chairperson                                                                   Linda Henderson
Recording Secretary                                                       Julie Dollahan
Financial Secretary                                                         Susan Colbeth
Membership Secretary                                                    Susan Colbeth
Congregational Representative                                        Laura Ida
Treasurer                                                                      Carl Gaulke
Lay Members to Annual Conference                                 Ravi Roelfs

                                                                                    Laura Ida

Ministry Team Coordinator                                             Krista Spieler

Director of Children, Youth, and Family Ministries              Kelly Underkofler

Trustees Chairperson/Rep.                                              

Staff Parish Relations Chair/Rep.                                     Christine Engel                   

Finance Chair/Representative                                          Kurt Leichtle

Memorial Committee Chair                                              Patti Nelson

United Methodist Women Representative                          Janet Leonard         

Youth/Young Adult member                                             Sam Mangelsen

Pastor                                                                            Rev. Amy DeLong

            Members at Large:
           2018                              2019                               2020
           Steve Nelson                  Linda Henderson               Mary Baumgartner
            Dave Phernetton            Darlene Arneson               Dean Loney     

            Julie Dollahon                Deb Schwisow                  Jake Vorwald

Staff Parish Relations Committee Chair: Christine Engel
        2018                             2019                            2020
        Judy Wiff                      Bill Rasmussen               Jeanne Zirbel
        Christine Engel             Gary Eloranta                  Phyllis Albert

         Bill Califf                      Robin Murray                  Darlene MacBride

Congregational Representative:  Laura Ida                                                

 Lay Member of Annual Conference:  Ravi Roelfs

Finance Committee               Chairperson: Kurt Leichtle                                                                   
Congregational Representative                                       Laura Ida

Church Council Chair                                                    Linda Henderson

Staff Parish Relations Comm. Representative               Christine Engel

Trustees Chair                                                                  Siri Smith

Treasurer                                                                          Carl Gaulke  

      2018                             2019                             2020

     Mike Thompson           Kurt Leichtle                      Dean Albert

     Pam Deal                     Rose Rudesill                    Ron Zirbel

     Virgil Nylander             Dean Henderson                Brian Kuhl
Board of Trustees                          Chairperson:  
   2018                          2019                        2020

                                   Sam Rudesill              Grant Hanson

   Dean Arneson             Kathy Hilden               Dallas Dosdall
   Gary Eloranta              Bruce Barnes              Andy Rudesill
Committee on Lay Leadership
Staff    Rev. Amy DeLong, Krista Spieler
        2018                          2019                            2020

       Laura Ida                    Mary Baumgartner          Mary Babler

Ministry Team

Ministry Team Coordinator:                                Krista Spieler

Dir. Of Christian Education                                 Kelly Underkofler

Ministry Staff Support:                                       Joan Schneider

Pastor:                                                              Rev. Amy DeLong
Lay Leaders:

Nurture                                                             Kelly Underkofler (Children and Youth)

Fellowship                                                         Heidi Mangelsen


Caring                                                               Phyllis Albert

Celebration                                                        Laura Ida                  

Beyond These Walls                                            Brenda Yurs            


Memorial Committee                 Chair:  Patti Nelson
    2018                                  2019                            2020

    Genevieve Carlson              Henry Dreistadt              Donna Deiss

    Joan Schneider                   Patti Nelson                    Becky Kleager

Membership Committee:            Chair:

   Staff:                                       Joan Schneider

             2018                             2019                    2020

            Sue Ammerman           Les Webster             Al Guberud

            Joan Schneider             Sue Nelson              Phyllis Albert
Scholarship Committee              Co-Chairs:  David Rusterholz & Don Stannard
            2018                        2019                        2020
               Sue Kurtz                 Deb Smith                 David Rusterholz
               Brian Kuhl                Sue Christopher          Don Stannard

Campus Ministry Board (Journey House) 

Mary Baumgartner, Jeanne Zirbel, Sue Kurtz, Barb deSouza
Wesley Board
Chair: Mark Christopher.    Treasurer: Gary Eloranta
Bob Fischer, Bryce Ness 
2019 Scholarship Applications are now available.