River Falls United Methodist Church
Saturday, July 21, 2018
Reach out in love... partnering with God to create a compassionate and just world.

September Prayers

Submitted by Marilyn Naylor
 A Prayer for Fall
       Larry Peacock

“Warming God, as the fruit and grain ripen in your sunshine and showers,

May I grow in love and compassion.

Ripen my sense of justice for all people, especially the poor.

Deepen my gratitude for friends and family

Who teach me to delight in each day.

Fill me with the joy of being fully awake

To your miracles all around me and within me. Amen” 

A Labor Day Litany
Mennonite Hymnal #804

“Lord of all creation, provider of every good thing,

You reveal yourself to us as creator and sustainer of the world.

You offer us the earth for our pleasure and care.

We offer our labor to you to sustain the goodness of your creation.

Hear our prayer for those who invest, risk and employ,

Use their ingenuity for the common good.

Hear our prayer for those who build, repair and produce.

Make them competent as they practice their skill.

Hear our prayer for those who create, teach and heal.

Grant them understanding and compassion.

Hear our prayer for those who tend, love and care.

Give them open hearts and generous sprits.

Hear our prayer for those who have completed their labors

And for those who cannot work.

Grant them peace and purpose in living.

Maker of heaven and earth, pour your creating power through all we do,

Make us fruitful laborers in your vineyard, through Jesus Christ. Amen”


Remembering 9/11, 2001

Walter Brueggemann at the World Trade Center service, Sept.,2011


“When the world spins crazy, spins wild and out of control

Spins toward rage and hate and violence,

When the world spins to chaos as it does now among us –

We are glad for sobering roots that provide ballast in the storm.

So we thank you for our footage in communities of faith.

And we know that as we probe deep into Scripture,

We will find you hiding there.

We will find you showing yourself – speaking, governing, hearing, judging,

And when we meet you hiddenly, we find the spin not so unnerving,

Because from you the world again has a chance for life and sense and wholeness.


For A New Year of Teaching and Learning

Rev. Deborah Kaiser-Cross

“O Lord, As another year begins, bless those who guide our young.

These busy teachers seek to be patient and accepting, taking time to listen

And daring to walk with their students, side by side.

Gentle God, be with our young ones always, reaching out to them

With the power of Jesus Christ wherever they go.

Help our youth to eventually make a commitment of faith

That will enable them to navigate a strong and steady course

In the turbulent waters of our times.  Amen”

Joan Bel Gedde

“For all the good things I do have, for all the good things I have had,

And for all the good things I will have;

For what I am, for what I have been, for what I can be,

For what I shall be,   Thank you, God.”