River Falls United Methodist Church
Wednesday, October 17, 2018
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November Prayers 2017

Submitted by: Marilyn Naylor

Thanksgiving Morning Prayer

Deborah Kaiser-Cross

“God of all generations, on this sunlit Thanksgiving morn, I feel blessed to be with others, delighting in fall’s bountiful harvest. I give thanks for health, hope and friendship. I turn to you, precious Lord, so grateful that your faithfulness stretches across the heavens and your love spans the farthest reaches of the stars. Yet you reach out to me, calling me by name. You remind me that when I seek you with all my heart, you will find me.

Dear God, I know that you also embrace the ones who do not know your love. Minister to each through your grace so that all will know the joy of abiding in you.”                                                            


Harvest Home Hymn

Henry Alford,1844   United Methodist Hymnal #694


“Come, ye thankful people, come, raise the song of harvest home

All is safely gathered in, ere the winter storms begin.
God our Maker doth provide for our wants to be supplied;

Come to God’s own temple, come, raise the song of harvest home. Amen”


In Times of Change

Larry Peacock

“Autumn God, the planet turns and the earth signals a change.

Open me to the transitions I need to face in my own life.

Be with me in the letting go, the saying goodbye to habits, relationships

And plans that stand in your way of growing.
Deepen my trust that as I let go like the falling leaves
I will always fall into your embrace.”   

Asking God’s Blessing

Bert Whitehouse

(The author writes “home,” but I have substituted “church.”)

God bless this church in which we meet;
God bless its every part.
God grant it peace and sweet content.
God grace our every heart.
God bless each portal of this church;
Let friendship light each way.
Let loving kindred fellowship
Be ours herein, we pray.
God bless each soul that enters in
And bless him on his way.
God enter in this church of ours
And bless it every day.”  

Forgotten Wings

Florence B. Jacobs

“One winter morning, I put out breakfast for the birds – then stood by the window, watching. A jay lighted, picked up the largest chunk of bread and started to carry it away. But the ice coated platform was so slippery he began sliding. He was fluttering and falling toward a snow-bank before he remembered that he had wings. 

Spreading them wide, he took off in a wild flurry.

I couldn’t help laughing at how silly he looked, when he needed only to open his wings. Then I stopped laughing.

Because what else had I been doing? All morning I had been depressed. Everything had seemed to go wrong. I had tried to save myself by my own efforts, when all the time, folded and forgotten, I had strong wings --- the wings of prayer which are always ready to bear us up if we don’t forget to use them.”


Empty Shelves Prayer

Marjorie Hines
“Keep me connected to you, Lord.

I feel as if all my reserves are almost used up,

And I’m about to serve from an empty cupboard.

Fill me with the fruit your Spirit promises,

So those coming to me for nourishment
Will not have to go away hungry.” 

For All Saints’ Day

Larry Peacock

“Generous and gracious God, we give you thanks for those who have gone before us who now belong to the communion of saints. We thank you for ordinary persons with laughter in their eyes and kindness in their deeds. We thank you for ones with compassionate hearts and listening ears. We thank you for ones who saw light in the midst of darkness and potential when others saw dead ends. We thank you for strong ones who remained faithful in times of crisis, who fought for justice when they could have chosen comfort. Help us to walk in the shadow of the saints who go before us now and always.” 


For Pledge Dedication Sunday

Samuel Longfellow, UM Hymnal #587
“Bless now the gifts our hands have brought;
Bless now the work our hearts have planned.
Ours is the faith, the will, the thought;
The rest, O God, is in thy hand. Amen”